health food for your hair

Our gentle, sulphate-free, hair care range has been developed over many years with leading professional hairdressers to deliver an effective, natural hair cleansing system combined with specialised conditioning treatments for visibly healthier, stronger and shinier hair. Fortified with plant based proteins, natural anti-oxidants and vitamins and blended with pure essential oils.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for better looking and condition of your hair, it is important to understand the fundamental technical aspects of hair and scalp nutrition and treatments. A close-up of a single hair shaft resembles overlapping scales. When the scales are sealed, the hair shaft appears smooth and shiny. When the scales are open, the hair appears rough and porous, and is more vulnerable to damage. For healthier, well-conditioned and better looking hair, we strive for even smoothness of the hair shaft from root to tip. This is achieved by careful cleansing of the roots and appropriate conditioning, effective moisturising and sealing of the hair itself. Hair is made up of about 97% protein and 3% water. As hair is far more fragile when wet, gentle sulphate free cleansers are recommended to avoid damage and breakage to hair shafts.

As part of the process to achieve healthy hair and scalp, we have developed our exclusive formulations to a standrd comparable and superior to professional salon products yet, made with natural plant proteins, organic and wild harvested botanicals (to improve lustre, moisture retention and manageability and to help improve blood circulation to the scalp for healthier hair folicles). Powerful, water soluble humectants help create and maintain a silkened finish, and to moisturise and improve hair manageability.

Hair contains structural proteins called keratin, which are long chain molecules composed of eighteen different amino acids. Vitamins are the organic compounds necessary for normal functioning of the body. At the molecular level, the natural vitamin and proteins found in our botanical ingredients help strengthen cells and assist new cell generation. The lower molecular weighted vitamins are small enough to penetrate cells thereby adding strength and body to each hair shaft. The higher molecular weighted plant proteins affix themselves to the outside of the hair shaft forming monomolecular layers that provide a cushion effect for added hair bounce and promote shine and silkiness.